Knowledge and competences are the basic assumptions of a society development, where the individuals, well-versed and strongly integrated in a society, represent a valuable human resource which contributes to the success of a society as a whole.

By decision of a Prize Committee of Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce for Moravica and Raška Administrative Districts, Zoran Stanković, director of “Elektromontaža Kraljevo” was awarded a prize for a regional business leader, in the area of management and administration, which contributed to the business success of “Elektromontaža d.o.o. Kraljevo” in 2019.

Highly dynamic business environment demands that an organisation, in order to achieve success in its business ventures, must possess the multidisciplinary expert teams. The most important component of “Elektromontaža’s” success lies in its employees, who provide full contribution to a company’s development and to sustainable development of a society as a whole.