By supporting the National Sports Development Strategy, the “Elektromontaža” Company has a long tradition of donating the funds with an aim to contribute to the creation of better conditions for sports development. The Company has advocated so far not only the affirmation of popular collective sports such as: the basketball, handball, football and volleyball, but it has proven itself as an important advocate of ping-pong, skiing, bowling, motorsport and carting.

With its donations, “Elektromontaža” contributes to the smooth functioning of sports clubs, from investing in infrastructure to the support in organising sports events and financial support to the clubs for participation on the international tournaments.

Wishing to secure a long-term development and affirmation of volleyball in our region, we are proud sponsors of the Volleyball Club “Vojvodina“ from Novi Sad. We provide a continuous funding for this Club thus covering the costs of competition, costs of sports facilities lease, traveling costs and costs of apartment lease for the players, costs of food and accommodation while being on the road, costs of salaries for the players, coaching staff and permanently employed workers.

By taking care of children and youth and promoting the importance of sports for their growth and development, we support the junior clubs by covering the costs of tournaments, junior team competitions and the costs of training facilities lease.

In the last two years we have donated funds to a local Handball Club “Sloga KV“ for the organisation of an international junior handball tournament “The Kraljevo Trophy“, as part of the “Kraljevdan” manifestation and the Club’s Patron saint day – St. Simon the Monk, aiming to promote the sports and City of Kraljevo itself.