A continuous professional development of the management team, as a precondition for the business improvement of an organisation, is inseparable from a personal development. By recognising a need for personal skills improvement, aiming to strengthen the abilities of effective management, our company’s management team have completed, at the beginning of March 2020, a development program called “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Training program of the „Methodes“ Company is founded on a famous methodology for leadership and managerial skills improvement, developed by Stephen Covey, the author of one of the most influential business books of 20th century.

Training for applying “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” leads to strengthening of personality and unleashing of human and professional potentials of an individual, as well as to the productivity improvement in business area and achievement of success and joy in social and everyday private life.

A proven system, based on the adoption of recommended habits with a simultaneous questioning of one’s own principles, leads to a personality with leadership potentials. In that manner, the proactivity and productivity are encouraged at the leadership positions, as well as the sense of responsibility for business projects planning and execution.

As a leader in promoting visions and changes in management style, the management team of “Elektromontaža”, to an overall satisfaction, continues to provide an optimal and efficient system functioning, as well after the training, by changing the paradigm and applying the acquired management principles.

Lead by a principle that “A vision without action is a one-day dream, and action without vision is a nightmare”, the management team executes a business strategy where all the employees have a clear and unambiguous picture of their own place and role in the processes which bring development and progress to the entire company.