Modern business, in a context of permanent market transformations, requires flexibility and a prompt adaptation to changes in order to find the best model which provides stability and a sustainable growth of companies. Elektromontaža Kraljevo, as one of the leaders in energetics area, has earned its position exactly by taking into account the market conditions with a ceaseless investing in optimisation and improvement of the internal resources and business processes. The recently reached decision by the current owners regarding taking over the majority stake of “Elektromontaža doo Kraljevo“ by “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka doo Novi Sad”, secures a framework for achieving the development ambitions of both companies, in the conditions of liberalisation of the energetics market, which has been rather conservative until recently.

The process of ownership transformation represents for both companies a significant developmental potential, based on resource pooling, not only in terms of capital and finances, but based as well on the long experience in the area of knowledge and professional competencies, whose synergistic effect can justifiably be described as an additional value for both companies.

Quality, security and trust, that have been the pillars of our successful work so far, shall still be our imperative for the future. Strengthened and prepared for new challenges, we are turning courageously towards the joint future and the forthcoming business victories!