As part of the “Knowledge to work“ project, aiming to improve the youth employment, the “Elektromontaža” Company conducts training for the works of power line and substation assembly.

The training is performed in two stages: through a theoretical introduction to the profession of electrical fitter, and through a practical part.

For that purpose, a training area was constructed within the facility, exclusively for the training of future power line electrical fitters.

After taking a test and taking over the protective equipment, future electrical fitters start the introduction to a procedure for performing the work on high altitudes.

First step at the training area, which is also the most important as they say, represents the beginning of a two-month training that also includes a training for the works in a workshop, on the repair of transformers and switches.

This training program enables the young participants to learn about the profession, to acquire necessary knowledge and skills for performing the work, and to completely adopt a procedure which mostly guarantees the health and safety at work.