The ceremonial meeting on the occasion of Kraljevdan, the day of the City of Kraljevo this October 7 once again was an opportunity to present awards and recognitions to deserving individuals and organizations. The diploma of a deserving citizen was awarded to Zoran Stanković, General Manager of Elektromontaža Kraljevo.

Indubitable results in terms of modernization and strengthening of production capacities in the area of ​​its primary activity are a confirmation of the good development strategy of Elektromontaža based on the principles of modern market economy, of which the plan of support to the local community is an indispensable part. As the first man of this successful company from Kraljevo, Zoran Stanković showed not only exceptional expertise, but also perseverance on the path of improving and modernizing production capacities with continuous work on long-term development and progress of the wider environment. His commitment to improving quality in the sphere of public and social life of the city of Kraljevo is a recognizable example of social responsibility which is reflected in numerous humanitarian actions in order to help the most vulnerable, support young people, develop sports, culture and art.

The Diploma of Meritorious Citizen is a recognition for the expressed high awareness of the needs at the local level and selfless commitment to improving quality in all spheres of life and development of the city of Kraljevo as a whole.

It is a recognition to a man who saw his leadership position in the company as an opportunity to show from the highest place how to build mutual trust on high ethical norms, love and promote the city in the way Zoran Stanković, general manager of our company does.