A responsible relationship with the society is based on the principles of ethics and philanthropy.

Dedication to progress in the area of social inclusion implies the empowerment of the most vulnerable social groups in order to enable them, as much as possible, and in accordance with their capacities, to fulfil their social role.

Management team and employees in the Company prove their care for the most deprived by supporting the various social initiatives aiming to improve the health and quality of life of their fellow citizens. Organising help for the medical treatments of severely ill outside the country, as means of direct help, is followed by the activities where we indirectly help the most vulnerable groups.

With our funds, we provided a support to the HELMA (Health Life and Medical Advice) association, for organising a charity dinner as part of the fundraising activities aiming to support the work of the psychiatric facilities and to provide necessary working therapy equipment for the ill patients.

We have transferred significant funds to the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth from Belgrade, in order to contribute to the improvement of accommodation and day care for the children located in the mentioned Centre, in Zvečanska Street.

We donated funds to the humanitarian organisation “Child’s Heart“ for the realisation of the activities designated for the persons with disabilities and to the SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, by financing the celebration of New Year and Christmas festivities and by organising a fundraising event – Sports Day, aiming to raise the monetary donations for the needs of children without parental care, living with the foster care families.

We co-financed the campaign of voluntary blood donation and screening program for an early discovery of cancer with women, organised by the Voluntary Donors Society “Milan Brkić“ – Vitkovac.

Dedicated to the improvement of diverse segments of public and social life, “Elektromontaža Kraljevo” shall continue to be in the future one of the carriers of community long-term development and progress. In that manner and with the selfless commitment of management and all the employees, our company achieves the economic stability in its primary area of activity, serving as an example of the rational business strategy.