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Overhead Lines Construction

In relation to overhead line constructions, Elektromontaža has done it all, setting in place OHL connections of various lengths – from 20 km to as many as 80 kilometers, altogether linking more than 20 substations (400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV) to the electric power system all over Serbia in the past ten years only.

We carry out all the necessary civil works; we produce; deliver and erect OHL lattice poles; deliver and string conductors; and in the end we test the installed equipment and put it into operation.

Our OHL references where we have delivered and set in place OHL constructions that are part of the Serbia’s power grid include the following:

  • “Bor 1 – Bor 2“ (400 kV) ,
  • “Obrenovac A – Beograd 3” (220 kV)
  • “Raška – Novi Pazar“ (20 km, 110 kV)
  • “Kraljevo – Raška“ , (80 km, 110 kV)
  • “Kraljevo -Trstenik“ (50 km, 110 kV)
  • “Trstenik – Kruševac“, (30 km, 110 kV)
  • “Leskovac – Vrla 3“ (40 km, 110 kV)
  • “Osečina – Krupanj“, (50 km, 110 kV)
  • “Petrovac – Žagubica“ (30 km, 110 kV)
  • “Čitluk – Kruševac (Dedina)“ (double 10 km, 110 kV)

Besides construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation works on the existing power lines is also our specialty, as we do voltage levels of  110 kV, 35 kV and 10(20)kV and low voltage networks. In this process, our highly skilled engineers and riggers are able to plan and perform replacements of conductors, insulators and build in new poles, having been trained to carry out high-quality works on-site under all weather conditions.

Overhead Lines construction