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Prefabricated Substations

Given the fact that the construction and maintenance of substations has always been our specialty, as we have accumulated proficiency and experience in that particular line of work, Elektromontaža has started an in-house production of prefabricated substations of our own design and engineering, which is deliverable on demand. The range of prefabricated substations solutions comprises the following:

  • Substations on a steel- lattice poles 10/20 kV/ 0.4 kV power from 50 kVA up to 400 kVA.
  • Substations on a concrete pole 10(20) kV/ 0.4kV power from 50kVA up to 400 kVA
  • High voltage cells and low voltage blocks for substations 110 kV, 35/10 kV and 10(20)kV/0.4kV
Prefabricated substation