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Overhaul Of Primary Electrical Equipment

Our production facilities feature a special workshop for the overhaul of primary electrical transformers, where we maintain, repair, and test transformers of up to 12000 kVA, 35 kV.

Reparation of transformers up to 12000 kVA, 35 kV includes: cleaning and washing, necessary locksmiths works, filtering of transformer oil, building of new coils (if necessary), drying of active parts and the testing of overhauled transformers.

Our full cycle testing process includes the following steps:

  1. Measuring of the electrical strength of transformer oil.
  2. Measuring of resistance of coil insulation and ratio of the electrical absorption (DAR)
  3. Checking of transfer and group connection
  4. Testing of insulation
    1. Testing with other voltage
    2. Testing with its own induced voltage
  5. Idle speed experiment (without loss measurements)
  6. Short circuit experiment (without loss measurements)
  7. Measuring of ohm’s coil resistance