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Power Lines Engineering

Elektromontaža has been an active participant in the upgrade and maintenance of Serbia’s power grid over the past fifty years. Our understanding of power lines and distribution networks engineering is thus very comprehensive as we have more than 850 km of power lines (110 kV, 35 kV and 10(20) kV) and the low voltage network of over 1000 km under our belt.

We have developed our own production line of steel lattice poles and metal constructions as transmission lines foundations, adapting our design to accommodate challenging terrains and surfaces.

Power lines engineering as developed by Elektromontaža includes the following:

  • Transmission line design
  • Turnkey EPC packages or partial contracting
  • Environmental / Regulatory permit consulting and filing
  • Road and Site design / Grading and erosion control
  • Design of structures and foundations
  • Transmission line upgrades and up-rating
  • Detailed job packages including plan and profiles, assembly drawings, staking lists, conductor sag and tension charts
  • Development of material specifications
  • Material procurement services
  • Load requirements and design drawings for structure bids
  • Fiber optic overhead ground wire (OPGW) design
  • Right-of-way/corridor optimization studies
  • Grounding and Counterpoise design
  • Consulting and training
Power lines engineering