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Facilities Planning & Siting

In the past ten years only, Elektromontaža sited and constructed more than 1500 substations of varying voltages (from 10 kV to 400 kV), more than 850 km of power lines (from 10 kV to 110 kV), low voltage network of over 1000 km and more than twenty 400kV and 220 kV OHL connections to substations.

These numbers speak of our accumulated experience and efficiency in all phases of facilities planning and siting. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with the following services in the process of the project initiation:

  • ACQUISITION of new potential locations for electrical power facilities, including managing of the negotiation process, contracting and obtaining of all necessary permits;
  • DESIGN and development of technical documentation (Situation plans, Main design, As-Built design), paying close attention to remain in line with all relevant regulations and fully aware of environmental and community considerations.

Our comprehensive knowledge in the subject matter and combined experience of our staff is a guarantee of successful realization of planned projects.