Elektromontaža d.o.o. Kraljevo, as one of the leading companies in the Republic of Serbia in the field of electrical work, after completing the necessary preparatory work, received on January 12, 2021, a certificate for the implementation of the standard ISO 37001: 2016.

Standard ISO 37001 sets out guidelines for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of anti-bribery and anti-corruption management systems to prevent, detect and adequately respond to bribery.

The permanent commitment of the company, which determines and defines the strategy of the fight against bribery and corruption, is contained in the document Policy of the fight against bribery and corruption. In this way, a policy of “zero tolerance against all forms of soliciting, receiving, offering and giving bribes by management and its employees or any person or organization acting for or on behalf of the company” (Policy of the fight against bribery and corruption) was adopted.

The implementation of the ISO 37001 standard contributes to the continuous improvement of the management system against bribery, corruption and all inappropriate actions in a real environment and in accordance with the assessed risks. By implementing a comprehensive program of activities, from monitoring and identifying to preventing all forms of corrupt activities, the company demonstrates its commitment to maintaining integrity and raising the quality of business based on the ethical values contained in the program to support this policy.