It was during the development of its main activity, mainly focused on the construction of power facilities, that our company commenced its operations in Montenegro. The company, named Elektromontaža d.o.o. Kraljevo – DIO STRANOG DRUŠTVA PODGORICA (“Elektromontaža” Ltd. – PART OF A FOREIGN-OWNED COMPANY PODGORICA) was established on June 23, 2016.

Being a market-oriented company, Elektromontaža thus facilitated the uninterrupted implementation of power engineering construction solutions. The goal of activity expansion into the territory of Montenegro is the opening of opportunities for placing goods and services abroad.

The company is located in Podgorica, with its seat in Piperska bb, Podgorica.

A continuous aspiration towards expanding led to the founding of a limited liability company, and granted us the full right to participate in the construction of power engineering facilities.

On the territory of Montenegro, Elektromontaža Kraljevo founded “Elektromontaža CG d.o.o.” Podgorica (“Elektromontaža CG” Ltd. Podgorica) as a limited liability company, short name – Elektromontaža CG.

The company’s main activity is the installation of electrical wiring.

The address of the main production plant and administrative seat is at Oktobarske revolucije 130 – Podgorica.