Within the complex of Elektromontaža, at 7 Aerodromska Street, in Kraljevo, construction of a new hall for production of steel lattice pillars and steel constructions has begun, as a consequence of the Company’s decision to modernise the production process and raise the quality level of output.

Construction of a hall is accompanied by procurement of modern equipment that significantly automatizes and accelerates the production process. The production hall shall have the production area of 1200 m²and near 200 m² of office space. The planned work completion dynamics of the production hall is December this year. The energy efficient, fireproof facility, with minimal maintenance costs shall reduce expenses in all business areas. The current 700 m² hall of the machine shop shall be adapted and turned into the most advanced storage space in Raška District, which shall solve in the long run a need for quality and safe storage of material and equipment within the Company.