Participation in the project 400 kV Power line „Beograd 8 – Drmno“ Substation, connection to the „Smederevo 3“ Substation, represents only the beginning of realisation of a strategic plan concerning the development of „Elektromontaža“ in constructing the high-voltage lines of the highest voltage level, which surely represents the highest voltage level facility that “Elektromontaža” has built in its 56-year long history.

Development plan for the Serbian electric energy network includes a capacity enlargement of the existing 220/110 kV “Smederevo 3” Substation, with construction of a 400 kV facility within the energy facility “Smederevo 3” Substation.

The existing 400 kV power line “Beograd 8 – Drmno” Substation, is getting connected to the “Smederevo 3” Substation, according to the entry/exit system. This way, two separate, parallel, independent single lines are being formed; with reinforced concrete foundations and steel truss towers type „Y“ and type „Bure“ (Barrel).

Power line route is composed of 41 towers, which equals to the length a bit longer than 11 km.

November 10, 2019, Smederevo