The „Elektromontaža“ Company from Kraljevo is the winner of 2018 “Business partner“ prestigious prize for business excellence.

Environmental protection, high-level of professionalism in working with clients, as well as the significant social responsibility, are only some of criteria for winning this prize.

With this prize, the „Elektromontaža“ Company which represents one of the pillars of Kraljevo local community, consolidated itself on the business map of Serbia as an exemplary company.

The ceremony took place in Belgrade „Crowne Plaza“ hotel, in the presence of other laureates, numerous business partners and other notable businessmen. Numerous members of the Government attended the ceremony, as well as the representatives of diplomatic corps, and many public figures from cultural sphere.

After the welcome cocktails, a press conference ensued, where notable figures from regional business, cultural and public life had a chance to get to know with the corporate business style and product portfolio of the rewarded companies. The awards ceremony included a short story about a company, reproduced through a video projected onto a screen.

During gala dinner a special entertainment program was performed, with the participation of prominent regional artists.

June 19, 2018                                                                                                                                                                              Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade